The   manufacturing   of   machinery   for   several   agricultural   products   dates   back   to   1948,   although   already   in   1925,   Ángel   Borrell Ivars, the current president’s grandfather built the first machinery for raisins and other fruit treatments. This    long    industrial    tradition    through    four    generations,    has permitted    the    company    to    develop,    olive    machinery,    of    great quality and capacity since 1975. The    constant    interest    and    the    extensive    industrial    experience since    the    1940´s    led    to    create    an    effective    and    damage-free product.   The   result   of   this   effort   was   the   more   than   2,000   units distributed     all     over     Spain,     especially     concentrated     in     the Andaluzian olive grove map, during the 70´s and 80´s. Proof   of   this   constant   improvement   in   the   products   and   interest for   modernizing   the   oleic   sector   is   the   company’s   attendance   at the     end     of     the     70´s     at     different     contests     of     olive     grove mechanization   organized   by   the   Department   of   Agriculture   (see attached image). Since its origins it has been an organization open to any market which has olive installations at an international level.  
Angel   Borrell   Devesa   carried   out   the   first   patent   in   olive   cleaning   machines,   in Spain in 1973 (see patent certificate) Since   then,   the   models   have   been   improved   thanks   to   constant   investigation and   development   of   new   products   that   adapt   to   the   needs   of   the   different   olive- producing areas and a constant evolution of demand. Both   the   range   of   cleaning   machines   and   washing   machines   are   based   on   own patent systems.         
First Spanish Patent
equipment and  complete lines for olives First spanish patent in olive cleaning machines PIONEERS IN THE OLIVE 1973 - 2013
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Mr. ┴ngel Borrell Ivars builts the first  machinery for raisins and other fruit  treatments.      It begins the grand-scale production of machinery for almonds.      We make our first sorter machine  for olives.     Mr. Angel Borrell Devesa carries out  the first spanish patent in olive  cleaning machines.     It begins the manufacturing of olive  cleaning machines.
The 40s