Future technology Because of this the new installations have been inaugurated recently in the industrial area of Denia. The production process has at its disposal news systems provided with the most advanced technology. We work with high quality materials to obtain efficient and damage-free machinery. Our products keep as their base our successful patented systems but they have evolved and perfected to meet the needs of our customers. This is achieved by listening to the customer, who best know their own needs and applying our experience to meet them. For this, the use of the latest manufacturing technologies is essential. In recent years we have increased investment in technology: o CNC machines programming for different manufacturing processes (folding, punching, etc..). o Use of laser cutting systems, water jet cutting, punching machine, etc. o Integrated systems CAD-CAM. The objective of all these resources is to get well-finished and better performance products.


Pioneers and innovators Our machines use our own patented systems whose success is supported by the almost 40 years of operation. In addition to the cleaning and washing machines, we have also patented different devices we have designed over the years giving added value to our products. Aborrell systems enjoy a great acceptance as much for the preparation of olive oil as table olives because they do not damage the olive and do not produce losses in the production.
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